Cats off duty

I think I am just going to be a cat this weekend. Lazy lying around on a comfortable spot and thinking of nothing much. Maybe eating a bit of high-quality meat now and then, who knows.

Cat resting on blue blanket

And I deserve it, that is the least you can say! Not only did I this week finally clear out the story I had been working on for months, but I also managed to make a first break-through for my néxt modelling paper only this friday afternoon!

Cat enjoying the petting

Three summers ago, when I was working on my master thesis in the Norwegian mountains, I noticed peculiar patterns in the distribution of several alpine species along the roads. As it was not my biggest concern at the time, and as I could not find a convenient way to highlight the patterns in my dataset, the observation did not result in any significant conclusions.

Black cat hiding in cooler

But I never forgot about it, and after the submission of my second paper a month ago, I could give this question priority again. And now, this week, finally, the issue got solved! The story is now send out to my supervisors, ready to face some critical reviews, but until these are back, I am just gonna lay down on this soft blue blanket and close my eyes.

Cat sleeping on blue blanket

But only after I yawned away that freshly catched little bird. Enjoy your weekend!

Spanish feral cat

Well-deserved cat-massage

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3 Responses to Cats off duty

  1. Hanna says:

    Crossing my paws of a positive feedback 🙂 Happy restoring and merry Christmas 🙂

  2. Sarah Marley says:

    That sounds like a great idea! Everyone needs to paws for thought now and again 😉 Especially around Christmas! Have a happy festive season 🙂

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