It took them a bit longer than anticipated because of the tough decisions they had to make (3 times as many applicants as time slots), but I finally got the good news that I am welcome to present my research at the Neobiota-conference (on “new life forms” or non-native species) in Luxembourg this autumn!


Throwback to my one and only visit to Luxembourg in 2014, where the massive rocks scattered throughout the forests impressed me the most

This adds a second international conference presentation to my 2016, after the time slot I was already granted at the conference of the Ecological Society of America (ESA) in Florida in the beginning of August.

Deer in the wildlife refuge

A deer in a marsh in Philadelphia, on my way back from the ESA-conference in 2015.

But I feel that now, more than ever, these contacts with the scientific community are needed. I have the first major outcomes from our projects to communicate (and the more scientists I can share them with, the better), but I also hope to pave the way for new collaborations (and strengthen ongoing ones). With these two conferences, I hope I can find the people and enthusiasm for our plans for the future.

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