The fate of the basil

I passed the ultimate test to see if I can be a plant ecologist and I am proud of it: I managed to take care of 4 species of basil from seed to maturity, without letting them die!

Two colors of basil

Of course, there was a bit of luck involved. There were a couple of hot days where they were living on the edge, ruthlessly forgotten (by me!) in the sun behind the window. But it was never closer than almost. Remember from this post how tiny the seedlings were in the beginning, and admire their perfection now!

Basil leave with droplet

No better way to celebrate this success story than with a delicious spaghetti with basil leaves. I managed to take a picture of the plate in undisturbed conditions only seconds before I enjoyed this well-deserved dish.

Spaghetti with basil

I will not get many scientific publications out of this experiment, but the accomplishment certainly was at least as valuable! And my tummy certainly approves…

Pasta with tomatoes and basil

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4 Responses to The fate of the basil

  1. poppytump says:

    Can’t have spaghetti without basil 🙂
    Never tried growing it .. have a job to keep a plant thriving in this climate Lol

  2. Congrats! I just killed two Jamaican pumpkin seedlings by putting them out too early, over-watering them, under-watering them, or something.
    Isn’t basil so good to cook with?

    • It is so easy to ruin plants, they can’t talk and say what they want from us :D. So I am really happy that the basil survived my efforts :). I especially like the personal touch to the food if you grow the basil yourself.

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