Puerto Natales

Chile is an amazing country, with overwhelming views around every corner. Even when you least expect it, another piece of natural beauty provokes you the awwws.

Puerto Natales goose

At the feet of the mountains lies a city. Not a really important city, barely worth the name, but it lies next to a gateway to the open ocean and provides the main starting point for all touristic trips to Torres del Paine. The city also hints the beauty to expect later on.

Puerto Natales

I had to stop their on my way to the north, ready to expect nothing at all. However, only five minutes in town and the seaside already amazed me. Birds everywhere, a magnificent view on the mountains and the sun playing on the water.

Puerto Natales gull

Puerto Natales goose2

It is almost an obligatory passage through Puerto Natales if you are on the way to the beauty of Torres del Paine. I would not recommend the place for a long stay, but it definitely deserves better reviews than the internet is likely to give.

Puerto Natales goose3  Puerto Natales duck

Crested ducks, Magellan geese, Dolphin gulls and cormorants all relish with their paws in the water…

Puerto Natales geese

… until  a pack of feral dogs happily chased them all away.

Puerto Natales dog

— This post is one in a serie of posts on Torres del Paine in the Andes, the eight wonder of the world, where I spent an incredible weekend after my week of fieldwork in Punta Arenas.

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5 Responses to Puerto Natales

  1. nlmoriyama says:

    Chile does look like a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing your wonderful images.

  2. I’ll have to check it out! Those poor little geese look lonely! *(licks chops)*

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