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I have seen Argentina only once, and that was from behind a fence at the Chilean border, close to Punta Arenas. What I saw were flat Patagonian grasslands for miles and miles without end, with adorable brown cows eating their way … Continue reading

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Puerto Natales

Chile is an amazing country, with overwhelming views around every corner. Even when you least expect it, another piece of natural beauty provokes you the awwws. At the feet of the mountains lies a city. Not a really important city, barely … Continue reading

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The uncrowned kings and queens of the Andes… They are everywhere, lazily grazing the short savannah-grass, staring indifferently at passing cars. They crowd the lowlands in large herds, they appear on the highest peaks just like that. They even block the roads whenever … Continue reading

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Walking with the death

One of the main places worth seeing in Punta Arenas serves the death, not the living. It is intriguingly beautiful for a city with so few attractive places. So impressive that it even got listed by the CNN as 1 … Continue reading

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The other side of the peninsula

On our devoted search for field sites, we decided to cross the peninsula and approach the mountains from the other side. We would not be too far away from our other sides, but it would be a long drive on … Continue reading

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