Walking with the death

One of the main places worth seeing in Punta Arenas serves the death, not the living. It is intriguingly beautiful for a city with so few attractive places. So impressive that it even got listed by the CNN as 1 of the 10 most beautiful cemeteries in the whole world.

Cemetery Punta Arenas cipress

Cemetery Punta Arenas4

The cemetery really deserves the nomination, because the Chilean people take good care of their deceased relatives (at least those who can afford it). The cemetery serves as the eternal home for some of the wealthiest local families from the 19th and 20th century. Even some of the real pioneers of the region from whom the whole population descents, found their final resting place here.

Cemetery Punta ArenasCemetery Punta Arenas3

One of them was Sara Braun, the extremely wealthy and (as the rumours say) beautiful wife of one of the pioneers in sheep cattle raising in the area. According to the legends, she declared the main gate should stay closed forever when she finally went through it to be buried in her marvellous chapel. So it remains till today; secondary entrances are everywhere, but the main gate is hermetically closed as an honor to the last wish of Sara Braun, who on her own  provided most of the grandeur the city has today.

Cemetery Punta Arenas flowers

Cemetery Punta Arenas cross

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