Dressed like a scientist

JacketI finally bought something I already needed for a very long time: I got myself some nice, warm, cosy, wind-protecting clothing. All this time I had been working in the field without the appropriate jacket. Try to imagine! How was I ever going to become a field ecologist without a real jacket!? It’s a shame, it really is. The comfort of the scientist makes or breaks the research.

But from now on, I am perfectly prepared for all possible circumstances in the field. A whole day of rain? No problem! Winds that even throw your whole backpack from the mountain? I don’t care at all! Even the snowy conditions on the Chilean mountains won’t scare me anymore, I just crawl safe and warm back into my jacket with adjusted fleece sweater.

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3 Responses to Dressed like a scientist

  1. Wat een geruststelling voor je moeder!

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