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The lake of the trolls

A serious candidate for ‘most impressive place of the world’: At the far end of the valley of the trolls lies a lake. It is the clearest lake of Sweden and surrounded on all sides by steep mountains. It barely … Continue reading

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Trolls (!)

I start the year with a nostalgic post about my visit to Sweden in July to cheer up those brave Scandinavians in the far north that don’t have much daylight at the moment. There is this one valley in Lapland where … Continue reading

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The attraction of mountains

There is something wonderfully attractive about mountains. They whisper this one message in your head: ‘Go just a little bit further, only up that rock! Think about the view!’ Of course, you listen, no doubt about it! Mountains are not … Continue reading

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Majestic. Impressive. Breath-taking! We know the mountains for their wonderful views. Remember the goosebumps and indescribable feelings of ‘aww’ and ‘wow’ that you get when you stand on a mountain top and overlook valleys filled with pure and wild nature. … Continue reading

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Winter is coming

Tiny little plants, that’s everything. Two centimeters tall, three at most. The invaders in full glory. More is not necessary, at least not for now. Germination is the most difficult part, they say. It can only get better in the … Continue reading

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The dragon of the subarctic

There is a special world up there, high in the north. It’s a world of snow and ice, of rocks and wind. A world where trees stay low to the ground, where falling rocks and whirling rivers determine the slow pace … Continue reading

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