The attraction of mountains

View - Trollsjön

There is something wonderfully attractive about mountains. They whisper this one message in your head: ‘Go just a little bit further, only up that rock! Think about the view!’ Of course, you listen, no doubt about it! Mountains are not to be ignored.

And then you see your unequalled viewpoint. You admire the eagle who floats on his large wings under your feet. You follow the silver line of the river all the way up to its source. You look around and think: ‘This is it, now I’ve seen it all. Just look at that rock over there, just imagine the view from there! I’ll go just a little bit further.’

This is a post with some nice pictures, from going just that little bit further. Check ‘Pictures from a PhD’ on the right of the home-page for another bunch of them, it is worth watching!

I will need to go back for more. Mountains are not to be ignored.

View - Kärkewage

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