Surviving the field

These little guys recently arrived in the mail and I’m really excited about them! They are unparalleled little helpers for an outdoor ecologist like me. Waterproof paper! What a brilliant idea! No need to mess around with clumsy paper protection anymore, no unreadable ink stains, no transparant papers with blurred letters, that’s all from the past. Fieldwork without worries, that’s the future!


Of course, I immediately put my precious catch to the test. Writing stuff on it is awesome, because the paper feels really smooth. Everything stays perfectly readable under my artificial rain treatment, even ink. The Water just doesn’t infiltrate at all.


That’s already really cool for a notebook! But there is more that needs to be tested. We  also need to be able to write in the rain, our work is not limited to reading. That was the next test:


Now, pens didn’t performe that good anymore. Of course, that’s a problem of the pen, not the paper, a wet pen is just plain useless. Even with this doubtful result, I easily forgive my notebook and just remind myself to always take a bunch of pencils in the field.

My last test revealed that my new notebooks were even clumsy-proof, just imagine!

Notebook4I spilled my tea on the paper, a very likely event in the heat of my brain-actions, but no writing was destroyed. It can’t get much better than that!

A milestone in science is reached, that’s the least you can say. I can’t wait to go out in the field in a horrible autumn storm and see how everything works.

Ah, biology is so beautiful.

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