The lake of the trolls

A serious candidate for ‘most impressive place of the world’:

At the far end of the valley of the trolls lies a lake. It is the clearest lake of Sweden and surrounded on all sides by steep mountains. It barely sees the sun and stays frozen until far in July. On the coldest days, trolls use it to go ice-skating.


I visited the lake on one of the few moments in the year it actually saw the sun. It was a wonderful clear sky, you could see all 34 meters towards the very bottom of the lake and everything felt like summer.

Trollsjön in summer

The color is an incredible clear blue, which matched perfectly with the orange and red of the upcoming autumn.


The indescribable feeling if you stand on one of these steep slopes and overlook the amazing view, that’s the exact reason why I love the mountains so much. It is a world full of this kind of wonderful surprises, something from which I can never get enough.


Check out the picture gallery ‘Abisko’ on the right side of my blog, it show more of these fantastic mountain views!

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