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Alpine invasions

With all that travelling (first fieldwork in Sweden/Norway, then the conference in Florida), I did not have time yet to announce the good news: we just got a paper published in Alpine Botany, reviewing the current knowledge on plant invasions in the alpine … Continue reading

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The stars of the project

You can scroll through lots of pictures of nice landscapes and curious plants in my previous posts on our fieldwork trip to Scandinavia, but that leaves us with one important question: did we actually see any of the stars of the project, our non-native mountain invaders? … Continue reading

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Changing the view

I changed my office view again for a while… Up north again, above the polar circle, hunting for our beloved plants. With a tight schedule and lots to do, but hopes are high for amazing output. I’ll keep you updated!

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How hikers can help science

The Mountain Invasion Research Network (MIREN) calls on mountain enthusiasts to help collect observations of mountain plants. Heading to the mountains this summer, armed with your best hiking boots? You can make a scientific contribution while you are out conquering … Continue reading

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Come together

One of my favourite study subjects is all over the news this week! Yet, it is a bit in an unusual manner: I am talking about the dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), the symbol of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest! There is … Continue reading

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Plant invasion along mountain trails

Good news from within the MIREN network! Last week, we officially launched our next global sampling project, this time concerning non-native species along mountain trails. After our continuous effort to study plant invasion along mountain roads, already since 2007, we will now … Continue reading

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