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Plant traffic along mountain roads

Roads help us to get from point A to point B. They are extremely useful structures for doing exactly that, which is why mankind has spend considerable amounts of energy to create a network of them that spans the whole … Continue reading

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An elegant proof of global warming

An easy yet elegant experiment to prove the role of carbon dioxide in global warming and show its effect to children, that was the question my colleagues were working on. The experiment is in fact really elegant, so I am happy to … Continue reading

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A mildly booming business

We have been spending considerable amount of time uploading my pictures on Fotolia, one of the main websites for stock photography. It is a lot of work to get them on there, but the occasional reward makes it a lot of … Continue reading

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Out of date…

… but not out of my heart! My passport ran out of date, so I had to replace my most loyal travel companion before leaving on my next trip. I have to thank this little booklet for serving me all these years as a … Continue reading

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Database needs adventurers

Climate change is a global issue, and its effect will be felt on every square centimeter of this earth, that issue is more or less cleared in the scientific community. The changing climate might not have as much impact everywhere and … Continue reading

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Uphill (and downhill!)

Our climate is changing, that much is clear. The main effect of this changing climate is that what once was balancing now starts shifting. As if our little world became a plate full of beer pulls, losing its balance on the shaking hands of an … Continue reading

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