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Uncertainty surrounding the prediction of microclimate change

We need to gear up the search for correct climate predictions to tackle the biodiversity crisis. In a recent perspective piece in the journal Science, we argue that our climate predictions do not take into account local changes in land … Continue reading

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City life

Take this proudly walking pigeon in the port of Barcelona as an announcement for next week’s talk about life in the city, which I’ll be giving for the biologist students at the University of Antwerp. In a session in a … Continue reading

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Global Change Ecology Centre initiates CO2 compensation of flights

As I said earlier, we at the Global Change Ecology Centre of the University of Antwerp are working towards a reduction of our carbon footprint, through a more sustainable flight strategy and a carbon compensation project. As I find this … Continue reading

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We all play a part in CO2-emissions, the main culprit of many of the climate-related disasters we more and more observe on this rapidly warming planet. We all play a part, and especially in our Western world, we can say … Continue reading

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An elegant proof of global warming

An easy yet elegant experiment to prove the role of carbon dioxide in global warming and show its effect to children, that was the question my colleagues were working on. The experiment is in fact really elegant, so I am happy to … Continue reading

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Database needs adventurers

Climate change is a global issue, and its effect will be felt on every square centimeter of this earth, that issue is more or less cleared in the scientific community. The changing climate might not have as much impact everywhere and … Continue reading

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