There is no place like


Zemst - 5The summer is for fieldwork and conferences. For a mountain ecologist based in Belgium, that means a lot of travelling. To the mountains. To other like-minded scientists.

Zemst - 1

All that travelling might very well be the most exciting part of the job, so no complaints there. Yet after all that travelling, I always arrive back in Belgium with the same feeling: there is no place like home.

Zemst - 6

I recently moved to a place a bit more in the Flemish countryside, perfect to get a better ‘feel’ of nature again. No mountains here, though. But hey no reason to deny you some good-old Belgian summer views.

Zemst - 4

Old mill on the river Zenne, Zemst

Soon I am off again, to Sweden, for the second half of this summers’ fieldwork. The pictures will probably become much more exciting again

The true feel of home however stays reserved for here.

Zemst - 3


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5 Responses to There is no place like

  1. Herman says:

    Congrats, Jonas. There was an article about your work in today’s ‘De Standaard’.

  2. Concatulations! Looks like you have a Pawsome job!😺

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