These scientists planted these invaders in the mountains and you will never expect what happened next!

I know, I know, it is a click-bait title, and that makes the dissappointment even worse: you are not going to find the answer in this article! If you wanted to find out, you had to be there at my talk at the ESA-conference in Fort Lauderdale, where I yesterday presented our surprising results for an audience lucky enough to get the story after the click-bait.


Surprised gull here in Fourt Lauderdale, who never expected what happened next!

For all of you, you will have to keep your patience. The paper is currently under review, and as soon as he is out, I will of course reveal what you never expected to happen next! Let’s just hope that ‘what happens next’ is a very good review…


The convention center, where all the scientific magic is happening

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