An alligator!

‘Oh no, there is these tourists again, just one day visiting the Everglades ad craving to see an alligator. Better do my show-up again!’


The alligator getting closer after he spotted us

You saw him thinking exactly that when he left his chill-out spot to swim right towards us, our maybe there was a modern hunting method involved (‘oh, look, there is those tourists that tend to drop snacks in the water’).


The alligator up close

Fact is, we saw an alligator on the most beautiful spot in the most beautiful swamp in the most beautiful cypress forest I have ever seen. And that was just awesome.


Maybe getting a bit too close, mister Alligator!


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7 Responses to An alligator!

  1. Aren’t they awesome creatures? In my area, a 9 foot alligator was just pulled out of a family’s garage.

  2. not sure i’d actually want to see one! all God’s creatures ..etc but they are very intimidating – definitely deserve our respect!

  3. Pam says:

    We enjoy alligators very much. They are very impressive and an important part of the ecosystem. You are also here at the right time of year to see the baby alligators hatching. But don’t get too close – mama keeps a close eye on them!

    • Don’t wanna bother mama, that’s for sure :). We had only two alligators in the trip and no baby’s, unfortunately (although we tried the Everglades only one day – it was a work visit overall – so it shouldn’t surprise too much). But we decided for ‘hunting’ for them in the wild and not going to the farms, as their true beauty is better experienced in their natural habitat, I think :). Worth it, definitely!

  4. Lovely pictures, thanks a lot for sharing! I prepare as well an article on Everglades, will post on my blog soon, I love the place! Stay in touch, following!

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