Outreach is to the scientific project as the church steeple to the church. It comes at the very end, and might not take the longest, but you definitely need it to finish up a story and get a feeling of satisfaction.

Fot - 1

The steeple of the church of Kontich in the evening sun

I am currently very busy putting steeples on two finished churches. The first one is a paper in Ecography, of which I am the first author, which we will try to promote through a press release, as I am convinced the results are relevant and interesting for a broad audience. There might then of course follow some more detailed explanations through blog posts as well.

Fot - 3

The second one is a paper in Biogeosciences, on which I collaborate as a statistician. For this one, the outreach will stay limited to a blog post.

Fot - 2

With these two papers, it has thus been a busy 2016 already, and we are only March… I truly hope we will have some more steeples to add to our churches before the year ends, but I assure you we are working hard to make that happen!

Fot - 4

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  1. What Pawsome photos! Thanks fur sharing!😺

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