… is now really on its way here in Belgium!

Fot - 1

First flowers are coming through (with the catkins as usual in the lead), bringing the much desired colour back to the world. And finally, I can bike home from work in the beauty of the evening sun instead of the dark depths of endless winter nights.

And this year I am prepared to face the growing season. I spent considerable amounts of time this winter learning plant species, and I feel it is already paying off with the first ones coming through.

Fot - 3

Of course, it is still necessary to see them in real life, be close to them and study them, but keeping my summer knowledge alive during winter strongly improves my chances to get beyond what I knew in the previous years.

Fot - 2

And that is from vital importance in a business that relies as heavily on the correct determination of plant species as mine!

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1 Response to Spring…

  1. Hooray for spring! Over here in NY, the crocuses and snowdrops have been up for a few weeks, tulips and daffodils not far behind. Forget the calendar, it’s definitely spring (almost summer, temperature-wise!)

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