Close to home

Somehow, smoothly and almost unnoticed, I entered a truly different phase in my PhD, and it is a phase I find surprisingly comfortable.

Fot - 3

University building in the morning sun

It is that point at which most of the fundamental data is collected, when everything is getting nicely organised and you know exactly what data you have. A phase that thus clearly shifted the focus from data collection to writing and analysing.

Fot - 5

At the moment, there is thus not much travelling going on, except of the daily routine, biking from home to work and back (the tiny travels on which these pictures were taken). But that is a good thing. Data analysis is a demanding task, that asks for my attention for an extended period of time.

Fot - 1

Mist and morning sun

The good thing is, I know what I wat to tell. All the hypotheses for all sub-projects are already developed, and now it is the exciting work to search for answers within the data. And as I said, I find this phase surprisingly comfortable.

Fot - 6

The 3 swans, art on the university campus

It is comfortable, as I clearly notice that I learned a lot during the previous years. There has been serious trial and error, but through all these errors I worked towards a wide arsenal of skills that I can now use to go out and beyond.

Fot - 4

If 2012-me would have known me, he’d probably have been very impressed.

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