Taking the stage

This thursday we have the Biology Research Day at our university, an event that for the first time brings together all students and PhD-students in Biology from the whole university, to learn from each other and see what is happening all over the department.

Amphitheatre Hierapolis Pamukkale

I will take the stage for a 5 minutes ‘pitch presentation’, as it is called beautifully.

Amphitheatre Hierapolis Pamukkale

I fear the stage will not be as impressive as the one in this theatre in Hierapolis in Turkey…

Amphitheatre Hierapolis Pamukkale

I have to admit I have had bigger opportunities to present my research, but this particular event does have a little bit extra. I like the idea to present ‘close to home’ for once, to people I know.

Amphitheatre Hierapolis Pamukkale

It will also provide an opportunity to get students enthusiastic about my topic, and a challenge to summarise my whole PhD in 5 short minutes to briefly show why we should care about what I am doing.

Amphitheatre Hierapolis Pamukkale

Exciting! I do not need the 15.000 admirers that fit in Hierapolis’ amphitheatre, but some interested students would already make it worth the effort.

     Amphitheatre Hierapolis Pamukkale

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