Ecologists of the subarctic: at world’s end

It was very bad weather, with clouds hanging low in the mountains. My body begged to stay inside, but I still put on my rain jacket and bravest smile and aimed for my steepest mountain gradient.

Not sure what happens behind that rock

There I found a totally different world than I was used to. After the first hundred meter climbing, I already got absorbed by the cloud, limiting my sight till a few meters all around me. Even though I had climbed that mountain for years in a row, I did not recognise anything that I saw.

At world's end

At world’s end

The world seemed to end right in front of me. Purely based on the arrow on my gps-compass, I made my way up to my plots, my inner compass helplessly getting lost more with every step I put. Luckily my gps did not worry about the mist. It aimed without hesitation directly to my destination.

The god of the mountains - reindeer in the mist

The god of the mountains…

When I had been hiking for almost two hours in this dream landscape, I saw the god of the mountains loom up in the distance. A horned creature, looking at me from afar, guiding me to where I had to go. I decided I had started hallucinating, until I realised it was just a curious reindeer checking out what this human was looking for up there on this rainy day.

Alpine hawkweed collecting clouds

Alpine hawkweed collecting clouds

 When I finally reached my plots, I had survived the worst. Slowly, the sun started piercing through the clouds, first only faintly and then finally revealing piece by piece the beautiful views it had been hiding.

Breaking through the clouds

I can hike in this mountains a thousand times, they never cease to amaze.

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2 Responses to Ecologists of the subarctic: at world’s end

  1. How lovely! (But scary too)!

  2. vsperry says:

    Fabulous…thanks for taking me along (in the comfort of my office chair).

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