I just love buckler ferns! For me, they are the true embodiment of spring, the season in which they start swarming forest floors with their endlessly amazing shapes.

Broad buckler fern

The broad buckler fern emerges from the soil as a cute little ball of fur, growing close together with its other buckler friends.

Broad buckler fern

Carefully, it starts sticking out its head and stretching out its stalk; but it will keep its precious leaves safe for a little while longer. And that is exactly what makes them so adorable: with their strong stalks folded around their precious leaves to protect them against the angry outside world, they look like a mother holding her baby in her arms.

Broad buckler fern

Only when the coast is clear – or so it seems – they slowly unfold their delicately green leaves to their full glory. Ready to green up the forests once again!

Leaves of buckler fern

Oh, yes, spring is a truly poetic season!

Broad buckler fern

With this happy spring feeling in mind, I am currently preparing everything for the summer – buying seeds, buying labels, finalising the designs – so I will soon be able to show you one by one the realisations of all my new plans!

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