In northern Sweden, rainbows mostly mean just one thing: that the sun is not where you are.

Rainbow over Björkliden

I have seen a lot of rainbows already this week, and consequently a lot of rain. The effect of topography on the weather often results in the clouds hanging lazily on top of the mountains- where me and my tiny plants are – while the valleys get splendid sunshine.

Angelica and rainbow

Angelica archangelica, the arch angel or Holy Ghost, looking splendid as ever

But I do not have to complain, at least I did get an amazing view from my plots, and rainbows still mean at least the promise of good weather in the end…

Common yarrow invading in Sweden

Common yarrow invading the mountains in a very dramatic setting

In the meantime, my experiments are all going very well, and nice results are coming out of these rainy fieldwork days. I hope to be able to show some more of them soon!

By the way, my next fieldwork days should get much colder weather (fall is really on its way) but the sun signed present as well, so I am really looking forward to that.

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