A good omen

It was a quarter past twelve. I just survived 3 countries and 4 airports on my way up north and now had to drive for another hour to finally reach my bed. The weather had been really bad up here all day – after two weeks of amazing sunshine, which I thought might be a bad omen for the rest of my week. But then it happened. The clouds opened up for a few minutes, revealing a sky that was barely dark, and a green light started dancing.Northern lights dancing through the sky

I pulled over in a parking lot and enjoyed my first northern lights. They were definitely a good omen, I thought. Then, after a while standing alone in the middle of the night on an empty road, gazing at the sky, I realised what I loved the most about it: the true, complete, breath-taking absence of sound while the light was dancing through the sky. It was as if it even sucked up lights from the environment.

I was totally not prepared for this to happen, as I was tired and just driving to my bed as fast as possible, so I could only take this crappy picture. Then the clouds closed again, leaving me to find back my breath.

If I was an inuit, the sky would definitely be my god.

— To be honest, I saw northern lights two years ago, but it was only twenty seconds, a very light shade of green, not moving nicely, and my camera was broken. So I thought it was allowed to start counting from zero again. —

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5 Responses to A good omen

  1. So weird–the post in my Reader just before this was also about Northern Lights! Someone living in Alaska–you Northern types get all the fun!!! 😉

  2. cocoaupnorth says:

    Oh wow! You had much better success with capturing them. Aren’t they just awesome! Welcome to the world of Northern Lights and now you’ll be braving the cold, dragging the Tripod and following them all over the North:-)

    • it’s amazing indeed :D. I will however hurry back to the warmer south in a few days, so my northern light-experience is gonna be limited, but it’s still nice to get a glimps of them!

  3. Sounds wonderful! Thanks fur sharing!😺

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