Raging storm

On thursday evening, a massive cold front rolled over Belgium, accompanied by dark and dangerous clouds and severe thunderstorms.

Cold front after hot summer weatherOf course I was worried about my greenhouse, although we had attached it as good as we could. But it had been having ‘mood swings’ its whole life already, and the design made it very easy for the wind to get trapped underneath.

Wind-catching design

A huge sailing boat to sail the storm

The worries were not undeserved, because next morning, the damage at first sight seemed huge: the plastic foil had lost the battle, only being hold in place by the net in the middle (no pictures, too worried). Bad luck.

But after a closer investigation, it turned out that only one of the replica’s got any rain, and luckily one of the control plots. Even the drought plot that seemed to be fully exposed to the elements showed no signs of water in the measurements. Maybe the largest damage only happened right after the storm?


At least the net did not move an inch!

What a relief, no damage done! Of course we put the plastic in place again, and we hope it is even stronger now. Let us just hope there are no more storms on the way!

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