There we go!

Labels of the experiment

This week, I officially launched the new fieldwork season outside the office by installing my plots on the experimental field site at the university.

The experiment

Two days of digging holes, putting labels and seeding a mind-blowing amount of 15.000 seeds, resulted in a beautiful minefield under my greenhouse shelter.

15 seeds in a tube, ready to be seeded

While I was busy in the field, the weather forecast decided to change from moderately wet to very hot, so I hope at least some of my plants will survive this sweaty summer weather. I try to keep them happy by regularly watering them, but if it stays like this for weeks, there will be no need for me to simulate a drought extreme, as it will be there all naturally.

Keeping them alive

Anyway, I am excited to see what happens and test what the favourite hiding place against the summer temperatures will be for my tiny plants.

 The experiment in the sun

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