Tomorrow morning I will be on a plane again. A short trip this time, 3 days up and down to the south of Sweden, where we have a meeting with the MIREN-network (all our colleagues from all over the world who study plant invasions in the mountains like I do).

Flowering chives

I had a busy time the last weeks preparing as many results as possible for the three main parts of my work that are going to be discussed there, and now I am packing my bags.

 Flowering chives

I always love these kinds of meetings, as they force me to wrap things up and summarise how far I am with my work. When everything is listed, the summary looks pretty good, but I can see some busy summer months ahead!

 Flowering chives

But first, I will enjoy the sunny spring weather in Flen, a little village south of Stockholm. And under this nice sun, I will gather plenty of useful ideas for future work and get useful comments on what I have been creating. Just hoping there are not too many interesting things to do!

Flowering chives

The associated pictures have nothing to do with Flen, off course, but I just wanted to show the spring feeling from the garden in Belgium, as those pretty flowers seem to fit in the moment. 

Flowering chives

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  1. Those are so beautiful! We haven’t seen any thing like them here – what are they?

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