Beauty and difficulty


A quick report from the field, where adventurers are made! While last year on the third of April, temperatures in Punta Arenas were a nice and sunny 14 degrees, this year brought us… snow!


We drove up the mountain to our highest elevation plot and ended up in a beautiful fairytale world. Amazing views, the best natural beauty of Patagonia, but a little bit complicated for the fieldwork.


This picture shows a close-up of our plots at 450 meters, buried under ten centimeters of snow. But no worries, vegetation is still there beneath the snow and we are figuring out a good approach to get everything out!

Sceintists overviewing their snowy plots

To finish: yesterday wàs a very successfull day, as the data from the first – lowest elevation – plot look really promising for the research. Next days also should bring warmer weather again, so everything is gonna be fine!

Now: back to the field!

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8 Responses to Beauty and difficulty

  1. Pam says:

    Gorgeous place! Always thought it would be a fascinating place to visit. Include interesting details about animals and birds too – would love that!

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