Window seat

If you fly down through Chile from Santiago to Punta Arenas, make sure you have a window seat!


And not just any window seat, you would like to be on the left side of the plane, cause from there, you can see the Andes!


It is a spectacular side, these mountains, and I was lucky we had a sunny day. The mountains appear a lot smaller from the air, but the breath-taking views of silent volcanoes is undescribable.


We arrived safely in Punta Arenas right at sunset, giving us a spectacular sighting during our landing. It had been a beautiful day in the south and clouds were just coming in from the mountains, bringing a night with heavy cold rains.


But as we landed, everything looked nice and peacefull. Totally ready for our new field campaign!


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4 Responses to Window seat

  1. You cant beat the window seat!

  2. thatemily says:

    Ooh great tip! Stunning views and great photos!

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