I spy a little guy

40 centimeters of snow. An angry wind that cuts through ten layers of clothes. Icy rain every two hours. The circumstances at the top of the mountains in Punta Arenas are far from ideal.

Little mouse in the snow in Punta Arenas

And still, surprisingly, there was some cute furry life around. While we were digging through the snow to find back our plots, a little mouse came out of his protective hole to get some late autumn feeding.

Little mouse in the snow in Punta Arenas

He kept us company during the whole fieldwork, nibbling from the grasses and running around on its cute little feet. It was a hearth-warming sight to see it beating the cold, like every proud little animal should!

Little mouse in the snow in Punta Arenas

So we pushed through, set the cold aside and finished two plots in one day, a major accomplishment on this high elevation.

– excuse me for the empty post from earlier – 

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5 Responses to I spy a little guy

  1. Pam says:

    What a cute little mouse Thank you for posting!

  2. Hanna says:

    It is refreshing that a little mouse is able to brighten up our day 🙂 🐻
    Your pictures are great.

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