Being generous pays off


It is not difficult to make the birds happy. A little piece of bread, some cheese or an apple and they accept you as their generous god.


It never fails to entertain how the little friends hop around through the shrubs on a safe distance to check if there is a catch to this tempting offer, before they gradually lose their guard and accept your donations.


It becomes even better when squirrels accept your friend request. I have the impression that they are a bit more difficult to persuade of your good intents, but as soon as they are convinced, they give back even more love.


They are just undeniably cute with their tails curled on their back and their little paws busy with the food.


I could watch them for hours, these little friends!

DSC_0018 DSC_0041 DSC_0203

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10 Responses to Being generous pays off

  1. Fantastic squirrel pictures

  2. 😍*((chatters))* Need some help spoiling those tasty -uh -I mean, SWEET little breakfasts? Uh – I mean, BIRDS?? *stealing the humans’ apple*


  3. Sam Hardman says:

    Great photos! Are red squirrels common in Belgium? In the UK they have almost all been wiped out by invasive grey squirells.

  4. Sam Hardman says:

    I feel like I should go to Belgium! I have only seen a red squirrel twice in my life…
    I really hope you manage to stay grey squirrel free!

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