Arctic Research

As a real and enthusiastic researcher in the arctic, I got invited to start blogging for ‘Arctic Research’, the official blog from INTERACT, the EU-supported program that promotes scientific research everywhere in the ice-cold world above the polar circle.


Earlier this year, I received a grant from this program to support our two upcoming summer trips to Sweden. This grant feels in the first place as a confirmation of the quality and importance of our research by the scientific community. It also, more practically, gives me the financial opportunity to take a master student with me on this international experience. I am happy to receive his help and fresh ideas, as well as the chance to teach him the excitement and reality of ecological research in the mountains.


My blogs on the Arctic Research-blog will focus on the adventures of the fieldwork in the north. I will keep you, my readers on Top of the World, informed about interesting things going on there, but my own blog here will stay my main focus for pictures and stories on my mountain/road-studies.


To conclude: I am happy to announce: my first post at the Arctic Research-blog!

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8 Responses to Arctic Research

  1. *(purrs)* how pawsitively PURRFECT!

    I’M HAPPY FuR YOU, HUMAN! I’ll check it out….(* but I won’t comment on the scientific blog… They purrobably wouldn’t like that – Dang humans*) ♥

  2. By the way, your photos are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen…. (kats know about these things)! ♥

  3. nlmoriyama says:

    Stunning landscapes!

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