Travelling the globe

I crossed half the globe. I crossed the Atlantic Ocean and the whole continent of South-America. I witnessed the turbulent air above the mighty peaks of the Andes. I passed the customs in Santiago, fought my way through all practical problems with a limited knowledge of Spanish and a great lot of nodding and smiling. I met nice people and even some very strange ones (but mostly nice). I enjoyed tasty airplane food and numerous cups of carton-tea in carton-cups. I even got time for a 3-minute visit to Brussels (see picture)!


Now I am at the ‘Gatsby’ at the airport of Santiago, eating bad, unhealty food to return the favor of the theft of their Wifi. I am ready to go south, leave behind the amazing 30 °C of Santiago and follow the Andes as the spine in South-America’s back, all the way down. I am ready to face my experiment and what 4 month of Chilean summer and howling winds made of it.


I keep you updated!

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