Leaving spring for autumn

Spring was getting on full speed last week in Belgium. The first spring flowers were emerging everywhere and it was already warm enough to forget your jacket. It maybe false hope, but spring was in the air!


I tried to absorb as much of the sun as possible, because next week I replace our Belgian  spring again for autumn in Punta Arenas, Chile, for a check-up on the seedlings of my experiment.


I had a chance to visit the zoo to join the meerkats for a moment of afternoon sunbathing, before I had to start packing jackets, gloves and warm fleeces. There will be frost already in the highest plots, so I need to be prepared for the worst when I have to work long days  sitting on the frozen ground.


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4 Responses to Leaving spring for autumn

  1. timalil says:

    The picture of the flower is amazing!

  2. Josep Barba says:

    Amazing, amazing… well, not bad. ;-P

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