Kitchen ecology

Ecology should not always be about the large scale. Sometimes there is no need to go all the way to Chile or Sweden to find some exciting plants!


I have twenty square centimeters of fantastic ecology right in my kitchen. I am growing some basil herbs, 4 different species in a stylish metal bucket. I see it as a test to check if all my theoretical background provides any support in raising my own kitchen plants.

Germinating basil

It made me already very excited to see them germinate so fast. You can see them gain centimeters every week!

Basil field

Also: what a high germination rate! Almost all of the seeds made it to the seedling phase, so I will have to thin out soon to give the strongest plants more space (we learned here how tough competition would be disastrous for seedlings). I can only hope my seedlings in Chile will turn out to be as successful when I go back there next week!

Basil at sunset

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