Virtual SoilTemp symposium

I am very happy to invite you to a virtual SoilTemp symposium, on May 8th, 2023, from 15h-17h30 Brussels time.

At this symposium, we will:

– Introduce the status of the database on its way to publication
– Provide summary presentations of the ongoing global SoilTemp projects
– Showcase the new data submission format for a final round of data submission before database publication
– Have an open floor for 5-min presentations by the community on SoilTemp-related topics (submit your abstract via the form below).
– Answer questions on the use of the database and data submission

For those for whom the timing does not work, there will be an add-on session on Friday, May 12th, 2023, from 9h-10h30 Brussels time. Here, we will summarize the key messages with room for questions. 

Please, let me know your interest in this symposium through this form!

Please spread the word and invite your colleagues! This symposium is open to all and THE opportunity to get in touch with the network towards publication of the database itself. We will soon start one final push for data submissions towards that publication, which we plan to finish in autumn 2023 (so this will be the final chance for anyone to contribute data and get an invite to co-author our big database). More information on this will follow!  

Looking forward to seeing many of you at our symposium!

Picture by Stijn Van de Vondel
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