News from the field

It has been a roller coaster ride to get the whole team in northern Scandinavia, as you can read here, but now the fieldwork is on a roll!

Vegetation surveys in the alpine zone

That things are going well is testified by the pictures I am receiving back at home from the great fieldwork and breathtaking views I’m missing out from.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and efficiency (and also sheer size, with one PhD, 5 master students, a bachelor student and a part-time field assitant!) of the team, the work is progressing much faster than initially feared. That is a good thing, as this way we might catch up with the close to a week of delay we accumulated at the start, thanks to our flight and transportation issues.

MIREN roadside vegetation survey

For me at home, it is simply a blessing to see the Excel sheets filling up day by day with important data on the distribution of so many important plant species along our Norwegian mountain roads. The database of the Mountain Invasion Research Network will get a fabulous present with what we are finding here!

All pictures here courtesy of Violetta Chernoray

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