Eleven thousand and counting! This summer has been huge for our SoilTemp-database. Little could we have imagined that our project would become such a tremenduous success, with people contributing from all over the world!


Temperature loggers from all over the world: from Belgium to the Pyrennees, from Slovenia till Australia, from Sweden to Cameroon, a glimpse of the myriad of contributions to our database

We are now collecting pictures as well, to see where all these heaps of data are coming from. It is only then, when you see the huge variability in landscapes and locations, that you start to grasp the true scope of this endeavour: yes, we are covering all terrestrial landscape types from all biomes across the world! Each of these eleven thousand sensors is a dataset on its own, whispering a story about its own little piece of the world. Together, these stories become a roaring thunder of over hundred thousand months of temperature data, collectively taking the temperature of the world.

And when we’ll be done, the soil climate will hold no secrets anymore.

Keep track of our sensor count on our cool microclimate app!

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