Welcoming Eduardo

Ecology is a global science, and one that can only be done together. Understanding our world’s nature indeed needs collaborations between ecologists from all over the world, each from their own environment and perspective.


The Belgian team (Jonas and Jan on the left), visiting the Chilean team (Eduardo and Aníbal, on the right) in January

That is exactly why we are very happy to have Eduardo visiting our Antwerp lab for 3 months. Eduardo is a PhD-student from Concepcíon, Chile, and closely working with us within the Mountain Invasion Research Network.


The fabulous landscape – with volcano in the background – where Eduardo studies the effect of mountain roads on invasive plant species

After we visited them in Chile, collecting data for our global project on mycorrhizal fungi in mountain roads, Eduardo is now returning the favour with a visit to Antwerp. Less pretty landscapes here, yet we hope to make up for that with fun science!

Plan is to work on papers together on the invasion of alien plant species along mountain roads, a topic close to all of our hearts.

Stay tuned for more!

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