PhD Position on Forest Microclimate and Biodiversity Under Anthropogenic Climate Change

Great PhD-position related to our SoilTemp-project, with the best of the best: Jonathan Lenoir in Amiens!

Jonathan Lenoir

The research unit “Ecologie et Dynamique des Systèmes Anthropisés” (EDYSAN) is launching an open call for a PhD position in Ecology & Biostatistics. We are looking for a PhD candidate interested in climate change biology, forest sciences and statistical modelling. The PhD position is part of a research project entitled “Impacts of Microclimatic Processes on foRest bIodiversity redistributioN under macroclimaTe warming” (IMPRINT) and funded by the Agence National de la Recherche (ANR).

IMPRINTContext and description of the PhD position:

Species distribution models (SDMs), the toolbox to project biodiversity redistribution under anthropogenic climate change, are based on ambiant-air temperature (i.e. macroclimate) but fail to capture the local variability of microclimatic conditions. Yet, these local variations can lead to huge differences between apparent temperatures near the ground (i.e. the temperature conditions experienced by living organisms in…

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