Recently, I have been giving more thoughts to the human influence on nature in our own country. When walking through Flanders, it soon gets obvious that humans are everywhere. Even more, it is clear that the pure, undisturbed nature is gone completely in the region, and has been for many years.


What we have left is a few, scattered patches of half-nature: parks, a few patches of forests, heathlands… A sad notion, indeed. And still, walking through the same Flanders, you can find a lot of potential, if you know where to look.


This knotted willow, for example, on the shore of a little stream close to Mechelen, in the populated center of Flanders. A tree that would not exist without humans, a tree that would never look as stunning without our help. A micro-environment for plants, insects and even birds. It might not be what it was before, but it definitely stands in its own right.

Fruit for thought, for sure. To keep out the depression, at least, and believe in a future where humans and nature can live in harmony. Yet definitely not to  justify further destruction of the nature we have left.

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2 Responses to Knotted

  1. Charles Millen says:

    An interesting perspective and something to ponder next time I am out with the camera. I search for places and try to compose my images where there is no sign of humankind or interference of any kind. I might keep my eye out for places where humans and nature co-exist harmoniously. I sincerely hope that an equilibrium can be found and wild places can continue to exist undisturbed…

    • Thanks for the kind words :). And you are right, there is nothing that tops the truly wild places that stay undisturbed, yet where they aren’t, we can find beauty in the coexistence.

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