The red dot

Mountain trails, the main subject of this years’ research in the Abisko region in the Northern Scandes.

Swedish subarctic - 152

It means hiking a lot, and thàt means meeting The Red Dot everywhere. Piles of stones, trees, big rocks, or whatever other typical mountain element you can meet on the trail, all of the nicest ones got marked with The Red Dot.

Swedish subarctic - 155

It becomes a true travel companion, a friend to look out for on the track. You start to like them with them staying at your side for your whole adventure.

Swedish subarctic - 127

Especially high up in the mountains, where a trail is not always a ‘true’ trail anymore. There The Red Dot becomes a necessity to stay on track. A guide through the fog, that so easily obscures your orientation.

Swedish subarctic - 148

It is these small things in the mountains that I like the most, that make me feel at home.

Swedish subarctic - 116


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