Earth’s stage

Concerning the weather, mountains never disappoint.

Swedish subarctic - 131

Remnants of a lenticular cloud over Nuolja mountain

They are earth’s stage for some of the most impressive shows I have ever seen, involving cloud formations of all types and structures.

Swedish subarctic - 117

If it is a thunderstorm racing over the lake towards you, mist catching up with you and suddenly encapsulating you, or a big, white fluffy cloud lurking behind a mountain top, a day in the mountains is rarely free of weather-related excitement.

Swedish subarctic - 41

My personal favourite cloud-related phenomenon is when the mist finally clears up halfway the day: the breath-taking views that appear shattered through the white, only revealing the final view inch by inch. The clouds getting lighter, the sun peering through them and bringing colours and dimensions to the landscape, it all adds to the magique.

Swedish subarctic - 40

And, of course, the sudden improvement in working conditions

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  1. Pam says:

    Clouds are my favorite! Great pics!

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