The little hut in the forest


When we first went to Norway in the summer of 2012, we had long searches for the perfect camping spot: close to the little village, next to the river, on top of the mountain… We scouted and tried several places, until one day, we found perfection.


We found a little hut in the forest, close to the river, right at the foot of the valley. There was a fire pit, a toilet hut, blueberries all around and a little bird nesting in a bird house close-by. And the toilet had trees growing on its roof. Perfection.


The hut was closed and empty,  yet the neighbourhood just came out of a fairytale, so we put our tent on a grassy strip close-by.


The next years, we always went back to our campsite of perfection and we spend some great (and sometimes rainy) nights there while working in the Norwegian mountains.


Now for this year, I planned for an upgrade. I found the hut on the internet, and we can actually make a reservation for the night! Getting the key will be a bit scary (we’ll have to contact them for the code of the lock), but once insight, we will be safe for the crazy rains we have had there so often.


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5 Responses to The little hut in the forest

  1. Love that colour green

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  3. laurencecyl says:

    That looks amazing! Also, loving the photos!

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