Just cause I like him

Just look at him, with its curly branches and fluffy catkins!

Curly hazel - 4

I love the corkscrew hazel, one of the most beautiful views in early spring.

Curly hazel - 1

There is not much I have to tell about him, though, just that he cheers up those days before temperatures finally start rising, and helps us overcoming the last weeks of darkness.

Curly hazel - 3

Now we finally changed back to summer time, and all of a sudden the evenings became much longer. The corkscrew hazel got replaced by plenty of other pretty flowers and in the meantime, my science is going well: oh I feel like spring!

Curly hazel - 2

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1 Response to Just cause I like him

  1. Pam says:

    I love these – so cheerful.

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