Cold wizard

That it might have been me, with my talks about species surviving in cold climates, they told me in Amiens…

Fot - 43

Frozen lake in Parc Saint Pierre

 I had to admit that it was peculiar that me as a cold-climate ecologist visited them during the only icy winter week of the season, but I assure you there is no wizardry involved in my PhD thesis.

Fot - 42

Cathedral seen from the frozen Parc Saint-Pierre

I did not mind the cold, though, as long as I see the sun, I am a happy man. I am used to worse from in the field.

Fot - 18

Sunny but cold, the Quai Bélu

I ended my visit to Amiens with a presentation of what I currently discovered about plants dealing with cold temperatures in the mountains. It was really nice to get a new and interested audience to talk to, and I came home with a lot of new ideas to implement in my research.

Fot - 51

Le Club d’Aviron in winter weather

That was indeed the whole conclusion of my stay in Amiens: a high-efficiency stay that generated countless new ideas to get the second part of my PhD rolling, thanks to the wisdom and experience of the local scientists.

Fot - 56

Winter sun on the Place du Don

Looking forward to make all this reality!

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  1. Jonas, the first two images heer will soon be linked back from a post I am compiling on Images that catch my eye. They are linked with a promo for you and to this post – funny way to ask, I know, i did one before.

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