News from the west

Every now and then, there arrives a much appreciated  e-mail with news from the other regions within our network. It is nice to know that they are trying to do the exact same thing as you are doing, but in the totally different conditions of their own mountain regions.


The Beartooth Mountains. Picture: LRew

This time, the news came from the west, from the Beartooth mountains in Montana in the United States. Just as we did on our three day camping trip in Norway this summer (check it back here), they were installing sensors in all our permanent plots along the elevational gradient.

But fieldwork in the mountains has its ups and downs. And with an elevation gradient spanning a range of up to 1500 meters, a closed road in the Beartooth mountains definitily counts as one of the downs. When the road is closed, there is only one option: taking the bike.


Picture: LRew

Hard work, but very well appreciated, and I’ll assure the brave biker: the final results will be totally worth the aching muscles at the end! And let me virtually invite you for a cup of soup at the campfire on our own Norwegian gradient to acknowledge your work.


Soup in the Norwegian mountains

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2 Responses to News from the west

  1. Packing my mice and heading over!!😺

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