S9. Invasive species in mountain regions

This is the short summary of the conference session I chaired at the Perth conference on Mountains of our Future Earth! As MIREN-representative I chaired and presented in the session on invasion in mountain regions.

Perth2015 Session Synthesis Blogs

This post might be updated irregularly throughout the meeting. Last update 5/9/15 16:00 by Jonas Lembrechts.

Invasive species in mountain regions. An emerging hot topic with an increasing set of risks, questions and consequently papers in mountain regions. A topic that well deserves its place next to the other environmental issue as a separate session on this conference. A topic much broader than can be grasped by only one small session, but the five presentations we had gave a broad overview on the several stages of mountain invasions and the questions that can be asked.

We started with two presentations on risk assessment and the investigation of the limits and possibilities of mountain invasion, the first one brought by Marwa Halma (Alexandria University in Egypt) working on the risk of invasion by the tree Prosopis juliflora in Egypt. She showed how we can model the current and future distribution of…

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