It has begun!

I was walking through a snowy forest, this morning, hands hidden deep in the pockets. All of a sudden I saw something that lightened my heart and made me shout: ‘it has begun!’

IMG_2108Every winter, it is waiting for this first tiny sign of spring, the first spring flowers breaking through the frozen forest floor. Today was my lucky day.

I know it is too early to throw away scarves and hats, but it is still worth its own little celebration!

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10 Responses to It has begun!

  1. Congrats! I share your joy for the start of Spring— unfortunately mine may be a while!

  2. YAHOOO!! That means the catnip will be in full force soon!! PARTYTIME!!😸🎉🌿🍃🎭🎪💥🌟💫✨

  3. We’ve been hearing the birds singing their spring songs, too (even between snow storms!) Spring must be right around the corner!!!

  4. bacardi gold says:

    …and the spring plants are so green…!

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